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Pinpoint Pharma is an animal healthcare company dedicated to delivering high precision medications. Our team is passionate in finding new ways to provide personalized medication for animals and those who raise and care for them, offering the highest precision in every drop. Ask us about how we can mask taste, print precise dosing, multiple drugs in on pill, and other custom needs for you animal patients. With years of research and experience, we deliver a more personalized approach to animal health care designed to specifically match each animal’s makeup. Pinpoint Pharma is revolutionizing healthcare by delivering precise drug products utilizing our state of the art printing system that enables high speed, insane precision, verified dosing, and substrate agnostic. Our system enables veterinarians to trust that the correct dose is being taken by your clients.

  • Very high precision

  • Software aids in verification of each dose

  • Print on tablet, capsule, patch, melt

  • Able to add multiple drugs to same pill.

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